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Accademia di Belle Arti di Ravenna

Fine Arts Academy of Ravenna
via delle Industrie, 76
48122 Ravenna
tel. +39 – 0544.453125 o 455784
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The mosaic in Ravenna


The contemporary mosaic in Ravenna
The mosaic is one of the most important heritage of Ravenna. Here you can find some of the most beautiful examples of bizantine mosaics, which can compete with those of the ancient Bysanzium. But the mosaic is not only the image of a remote past, it survives in our contemporary reality thanks to famous and beautiful works. There are many among the mosaicists from Ravenna or among those who follow its tradition, that can be called Masters of Mosaic: Ines Morigi Berti, Sergio Cicognani, Marco De Luca, Paolo Racagni, Giovanna Galli, Verdiano Marzi, Marco Bravura, Felice Nittolo, Giuliano Babini, Stefano Mazzotti, Luciana Notturni, Enzo Tinarelli, Daniele Strada, Dusciana Bravura. Moreover there are artists like Leonardo Pivi who uses it, even practising new languages, with a great conceptual power. In their work it is possible to find a continuity with the tradition, that converges with the most recent artistic experiments.

(Summarized extract from : Michele Tosi, Tessera dopo tessera, in “IBC”, IX, 2001, 2)