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Accademia di Belle Arti di Ravenna

Fine Arts Academy of Ravenna
via delle Industrie, 76
48122 Ravenna
tel. +39 – 0544.453125 o 455784
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Didactic curriculum

The Academy of Fine Art in Ravenna is the the only one in Italy among the Higher Level Art Institutions which offers a Three-year Visual Arts-Mosaics degree course and Two-year Mosaics post-graduate course. Research and creativity are our main purposes, because mosaic is proposed as a fascinating language in which tradition and contemporary reality melts and mix. The Goldsmith art course, for example, is a unique experience to create a link between Fashion Design and Mosaic.

The experimental activity continues with multidisciplinary projects and with many workshops planned every year, as well as with partnerships with institutions and with the protagonists of the national and international artistic scene, last but not least collaborations with enterprises.

Events and exhibitions make the most of student's creativity putting them into contact with art historians and curators. The international dimension is a real breaking point thanks to the Erasmus project and to the stages and international exchanges abroad. In 2009 a selected group of students took part to a Summer School in Damasco. Many are also the students coming from abroad, attracted by the unicity of the offer.

TheThree-year Visual Arts-Mosaics degree course (first cycle Academic Diploma) is dedicated to all the Visual arts, concentrating particularly on Mosaic. Students with High School Diploma attends many laboratories beside Mosaic: Photography, New Media, Painting, Drawing, Anatomy, Sculpture, Decoration, Ornamental Plastic, Printmaking, Goldsmith. History of Art Courses, History of Mosaic, Art Education, English and Computer, complete a solid path.

The Two-year Mosaics post-graduate course (second cycle Academic Diploma) to those who have obtained a first cycle Academic Diploma or a first level University Degree, it offers a specialistic formation unique in the world. It opens many work opportunities to take part into urban furniture projects or in order to produce objects linked to the world of design, or even to take part in restoration interventions on the contemporary mosaic. Moreover it is enriched with multimedia skills (most of all with 3d simulation practices). Urban Design Courses, Architecture and Urbanistic and Marketing complete the riches of the cultural and professional horizon offered.

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Second level (pdf - 23.89 kB)